This painting has been sold.



                                                        INDIAN SUMMER

        The primary collector of Paul Sawyier's originals was his friend J.J. King, a graduate engineer who operated the Frankfort Hotel, was President of the State National Bank, a big game hunter and collector of over 60 Sawyier originals, many of which decorated his hotel.

        Among King's largest Sawyier watercolors was KENTUCKY ARSENAL,  southeasterly view from behind and to the side of the State's arsenal, now the Military Museum of the Kentucky Historical Society. A smaller version of this painting was known to exist based on a black and white photograph found in King's files.

       Apparently, Mr. King either sold or gave the watercolor to a friend, who, in turn, used the original to pay for legal services from Mr. Marion Rider, a prominent Frankfort attorney. When Mr. Rider passed away, his home was sold and included was the "missing" Sawyier.

       On the back of the paintng, are the words "For J.J. King collection Indian Summer $100.00 #3 Marion Rider, Attorney, Frankfort KY". 


                                             13 1/4" x 16 1/4"